Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Red Bull has just offered up some $$ and prizes for the tournament.

We now have more than $1000 added cash.
Get your registration in soon so we will have a better idea on how many people are coming.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Original Tournament Artwork

Huge thanks to Shavonne Schumacher for her artistic contribution to Crystal Mountain Disc Golf.

I present our first piece of original artwork for the Mountain High Tournaments:

Look for this logo on our Fundraiser Discs and T-shirts...

Seattleites were up this past weekend eating berries, panning for gold and trying to beat the course record. Good on the berries, there's gold in them there hills, but no new course record...Wagner's quote "Damn you Crystal Mountain" was felt by all when he was -4 going into-but took a harsh beating on 14. . There is always next time.

Keep the registrations coming in.

Warm weather in the forecast should bring some folks up this weekend. Get in touch if you are coming up.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

August 2 update

The course is in great shape right now and we have been getting a lot of play on the weekends and some during the midweek.
Here are some recent photos of the action.
Hunter showed up from the "Bluegrass State" for his first try at Mountain Golf!!

When this shot came over my head, it sounded like an airplane. Nice backhand power!!

The wildflowers are all over the course and provide for incredible scenery during your round.

Here are couple videos.

Dee hole 12 Drive.

I had a great round with a crew from Seattle on Saturday. Thanks for everyone helping me push the baby jogger around the course. First 18 Holes at Crystal for 23 month old "Deeson". He will be throwing distance before you know it.

Tournament plans are moving along and PRE-REGISTRATIONS have been coming in. Get yours in as soon as possible.

Mandos called this week and is on for Sponsorship. Support them for everything they do for our sport.

We are trying to expand $$ and prizes so let us know if you or anyone else you know might be interested in sponsoring this tournament.

We are planning a Doubles Event on Friday Sept 12th. About 5:00pm. 9 Holes to get warmed up for the tournament weekend. Updates to follow.