Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Get Ready for Summer Disc Golf At Crystal

Still snowing on the mountain but plans are in full force for summer Disc Golf at Crystal..

We are very excited to have the chairlifts running on both Saturdays and Sundays from June 26-Sept 4th this summer.

The Summit Course will be back in!! Ride the chairlift and Play 18 holes of disc golf from the top of Crystal.

Lower Mountain course opens June 15th 2010. Depending on snowpack, there still could be some snowcover on the lower course. There will be a re-route of holes 17 & 18 (for some or all of the summer) due to the construction of the new "Mt. Rainier Gondola"

The new Mt. Rainier Gondola will expand our Disc Golf opportunities at Crystal. The gondola will be ready for the coming winter ski season 2010-11 and open for summer 2011.

We will get the Summit Course open as soon as snowpack allows, I would guess open on July 4th weekend.

Mountain High Disc Golf Tournament Dates: Aug 28th & 29th. Plan on having 2 seperate 18 hole courses to play.

Keep in touch for updates. 360-663-2262. reservations@crystalhotels.com

Make sure you stop by the Alpine Inn Restaurant and Snorting Elk Cellar when you are up at Crystal.

I'll post again in the next few weeks.


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Luke said...

Sweet! We really loved the lower course last year, and am starting to make plans to come up this year. What will the prices and ticket costs for the summit course? I assume the lower course will remain free.