Friday, August 19, 2011

Mountain High Updates...

1 Week to go!!!

Mountain High 2011 weekend sponsorship has reached over $2000 cash plus "non cash" donations.
We have received some great last minute sponsorship and are adding a new side game to the 2011 Mountain High.

Saturday Afternoon August 27, we will launch the First Annual-Mountain High Long Distance Drive Competition.

W.J. Byrnes & Company, Seattle Customs Broker has sponsored $500 designated specifically for this event.

  • Basic Format is as follows:
    Entrants must already be registered for the Mountain High DG Tournament
    $10/pro, $5/am entry fee
    Divisions to be assigned just like the standard tournament
    Purse will be divided by total entrants and then designated as per number of entrants in each division.
    Payout 25% of each division.
    Pro=cash, Am=script

More support=more games=more fun.

Come Join in and bring a friend, wife, girlfriend, son, daughter, brother, mother or a stranger for that matter.We are still looking for more last minute sponsors so help out and sign up for a tee sponsorship (or three).

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